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Monday, February 11, 2008

Actual Craft Projects!

So, I've done something other than digiscraps lately! Here are the Valentine's I made for Maddie and Ryley to give out. I saw this idea on some other blog but I can't remember where! It was really easy and I think they turned out really cute. I'm going to have Maddie and Ryley stick all the suckers in tomorrow after school. The kids are really excited to give them out.
And, as I said before, I'm working on some quilts. I finally got all of the pieces cut for a rag quilt. It took forever! I guess that's because it's gonna be pretty big (to cover my giant man of a husband!) He's so sweet that when we're watching TV at night he always covers me up with the big quilt (because it's my favorite) and he takes the little one. How sweet is he?! One more reason to love him! So I'm making a really big rag quilt that should - if I calculated everything correctly - cover him and then some!
It's kind of hard to see in this picture but my four squares are a dark brown solid, a mauve gingham, a green polka dot (with white, brown, and pink dots) and a paisley with all the colors. Not very mannish, I know. But the polka dot and the paisley were so cute I just had to get them! Josh won't really care, anyway. The white stacks in the back are the batting pieces that get sandwiched between two of the fabric squares. There are 144 of them! Hopefully, someday I'll actually finish this quilt and show you the end result. Of course it will probably be sometime this summer and too hot to even use the darn thing. Oh well!


Sarah said...

Cute valentines!!! Love that idea!

And that rag quilt, holy cow! You should've done bigger squares! That will take forever, but it will be beautiful! I've made a baby one and a couple lap ones, but nothing that huge. I can't wait to see it! :)

Amanda said...

You are so freaking talented! I love all of your projects and digi work. The valentines are so clever too.

brianne said...

Those valentines are going to be such a them. Good luck with the quilt. I would have already given up, but that's me. We'll probably see the finished product next week (only if you take a break from your scrapping addiction).

~Jen~ said...

Your valentines are SO cute!