Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DigiDare 74

Well, here's my latest Digidare LO. I haven't won any of them or even been the random winner - not that I expected to or anything - just FYI. I have, however, won a few challenges at other random sites and gotten a few gift certificates and freebies. How fun!

Anyway, the dare this week was to do a page about someone you love using nontraditional Valentine's colors and some fun brushwork. I don't know if this LO actually fits into all those categories but I really like it anyway.

click on the picture for credits

In other news, the Amazing DigiScrapping Race should be starting soon and I'm excited! I really enjoy challenges because they force me to get a page done. If I had to think of everything I would never scrap anything! It's too overwhelming to look at all my pictures and scrapping stuff and try to make a decision on my own.
I might also have a little surprise to share (for anyone who cares) later on this week! :)


Sarah said...

That LO is beautiful!!! And way to win some challenges! Does your surprise have anything to do with your blinkies? If not, do your blinkies mean anything???

brianne said...

So cute! Maddie is adorable in her dance costume. Can't wait for the surprise!