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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Photoshop Elements Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial

For those of you who want to start digiscrapping but have no idea how it works here's a quick tutorial. There are tons of freebies (papers and elements) online. Check out the site links to the left and search for freebies. You can also download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements at There are a ton of other tutorials online, just do a google search for digital scrapbooking tutorials- you'll have a never-ending supply! It's pretty easy once you figure out the basics. There are alot more advanced techniques that I have know idea how to do yet, but it's fun learning! If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me and I'll try to answer it or find the answer for you - I don't know much about this yet, but I'm willing to share what I've learned so far! Have fun!

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~Jen~ said...

I just saw that you too have joined the world of digital scrapping. I might just be the last one! I think I will look at this tutorial. Maybe once Anthony is done with school and things settle down after the new baby THEN maybe I'll start this. I am planning on doing the babies book all digital - but I was just going to use the layouts from shutterfly - maybe I can get more fancy.