Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, May 5, 2008

I need a nap!

Whew! Have you recovered from NSD? Sadly I didn't get to play along as much as I wanted with all the activities that day - soccer, dance, piano recital, primary prep., visiting family, etc. I was able to squeeze in some shopping though! Woohoo! I was also able to do the last speed scrap at ScrapMatters that night, and it was so fun! I've never done one before but I hope they do more of them!

Well, my little freebie (see previous post) has gotten added to Digital Freebies so it's been downloaded like crazy! Holy cow! I'm really surprised it got downloaded at all. It was barely anything! Anyway, just to answer a few of the questions that got posted about it:

This was my first try at designing anything. I just searched (and searched and searched. . . ) for some tutorials on how to make digi papers and stuff. Sorry, I don't even remember where I found them now! If I find the link again, I'll post it for anyone who wants it. Then I basically followed the directions. It really wasn't hard. The hardest part is getting everything how you want it to look and playing with the blending modes to get it to look right. Yes, I'm still using PSE 5.0. Photoshop CS3 is on my mother's day/birthday list but I'm a little afraid to switch. I guess I could use both but I'm afraid having both on my laptop will overload it! Although now that I have my trusty little EHD, maybe it won't be so bad. Anyway, I don't know if I will become an actual "Designer" - I need to try some more things first. I think I'd like too though. It was fun! But making a few papers and ribbons does not make me qualified to sell anything. Josh is definitely voting for me to make and sell stuff. He's says with as much time as I spend online we ought to get something out of it! Isn't that what the scrapbook pages are for?! Sheesh!


Crystal said...

Well, if you do become a designer, do I get special priviledges b/c I know you??? :-)

Sarah said...

Yeah, I'm Crystal on that one. :) I'm saving up slowly for PSCS3 for the next time they send an upgrade offer and I could get it for much cheaper. You could get an education discount with your kids!