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Monday, March 17, 2008

ADSR3 Challenge #7

Aaaaaaaaah! Number 7 is EVIL!!!!! So incredibly horrible and complex. Ug. I finished it though - ONLY took me the whole flippin day! I just hope I have everything I'm supposed to! Here it is:

And here are the credits because they are so freaking long some galleries won't let me post all of them!

Teammate #1 By the numbers, one designer, no journaling, look messy

Everything is by Britt-ish Designs and available at ScrapMatters
1 PAPER - {Grid Locked}

2 RIBBONS - purple and green striped ribbons from {Brown Eyed Girl}

3 BUTTONS - 1 brown and 1 green button from {Brown Eyed Girl} and 1 white linen button from {Dreams Do Come True}

4 GLITTER - 1 silver glitter circle and 1 green glitter splash from {Brown Eyed Girl}; 1 silver glitter splat from {Lil' Brudder}; 1 gold splat from {Dreams Do Come True}

5 FRAMES - 5 newsprint frames from {It's Christmas Time in the City}

6 PICTURES - my sweet baby boy

7 ALPHAS - L from {Dreams Do Come True}; e from {Judy}; t from {Missed the Bus Alpha 2}; s from {Lil' Brudder}; E from {Missed the Bus}; a from {Brown Eyed Girl}; t (recolored) from {Brown Eyed Girl}

8 STARS/FLOWERS - 1 small blue star and 1 small black star from {Missed the Bus}; 1 white star, 1 cardboard star with gold glitter, 1 silver glitter star from {Dreams Do Come True}; 1 cardboard star with red glitter {Lil' Brudder}; 1 white flower and 1 blue gem flower from {Lil' Brudder}

9 STAPLES - 2 black, 1 red, 1 pink from {It's Christmas Time in the City}; 1 green from {Brown Eyed Girl}; 1 bent silver and 1 staple back from {Dreams Do Come True}; 1 silver from {Lil' Brudder}; 1 silver from {Missed the Bus}


1 blue ticket and 1 yellow stitching from {Dreams Do Come True}

1 extra newsprint frame from {It's Christmas Time in The City}

1 stitched circle and 1 stitched square from {Brown Eyed Girl}

1 bulldog clip, 1 clockface stamp, 1 measuring tape, 1 duct tape from {Lil' Brudder}

1 folded flower from {Brown Eyed Girl}

Whew! I REALLY hope that's everything! I'm so glad Brittney puts staples in almost every one of her kits! I love her stuff and I'm so glad I have enough of it to complete this LO!

Now that I've wasted naptime doing this I'm going to have to stay up late to make my cards for cardswap!


brianne said...

I can't believe you're already done! This is such a complicated challenge, but your LO turned out great! I don't know how you were able to keep track of everything. Good job!

Sarah said...

It looks great... I have to say, I think option 1 would've been much easier! #2 wouldn't have been so bad except that I couldn't scrap about anything I wanted! And it did take me forever too... I hope 8 is nice and easy.

Crystal said...

Looks great! Here is what I used to get papers on my blog's background. Sarah put it on her blog. Let me or her know if you have any questions.