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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another LO

So, I guess I should rename this my scrapblog, because that's the only "crafting" I've been doing lately! I do have two quilts in the making and as soon as I get to a point that isn't just pieces I'll take some pictures of those. In other news . . . I made bread today!!!! That counts as something crafty doesn't it? Woohoo for me! Before you say, "So, what's the big deal?" just be aware that I have NEVER been able to make bread before, even with a bread machine! That's right, I'm the biggest idiot when it comes to making bread. I don't know why. I'm normally not that dumb, but bread has just been beyond my capabilities - until now! I am so proud of myself. I even made it from scratch and without a machine! (Patting myself on the back!) Anyway. . .

I did actually do another LO. Here's another one for Cash. I'm doing a lot of him because the poor child has like three pages total in his paper album. I know I haven't done any for Maddie, but that child has like 3 full albums already!

credits here

This was my first time using a template. I just didn't get how to do them, but this one was a freebie that came with good instructions. It wasn't difficult once I could wrap my brain around it.

Also today I learned how to make a blinkie and put one on my blog. Check out our (Brianne and I) ADSR team blinkie - that I will probably change - and the official ADSR blinkie. I don't think they will link you to anything. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Still trying to figure all this html stuff!

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brianne said...

Nice work on the blinkie! I'm not even going to attempt to make one of those any time soon so I'm glad you took it upon yourself. Very cute page of baby Cash... I can hardly remember him that small. I love how your LO gallery is twice as big as mine when I've been digi-scrapping at least twice as long! I think having a newborn right after I figured it out threw a wrench in the works. That, and apparently you have way too much time on your hands with your kids in school. Where can I sign my kid up? :)