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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Speed Scrappin'

Yes, I'm alive. I know you're shocked! Doing the Daily Download at ScrapMatters has been keeping me very busy, plus I'm stressing out about going on vacation this week and everything that goes along with it.

On to more pleasant things. . . I'm so addicted to the speed scraps at SM! They are so fun and I always end up loving my LO. Maybe it's because I don't have to think of everything myself. I guess I do better work when someone's telling me what to do? I dunno. Anyway, here are my last two:

credits here

In other news, I'm closing up shop at Snap and Scrap. I've really enjoyed my time there, but I really need to have a little less stress in my life right now. I LOVE being on the SM CT and DT and also on GGDigital Designs CT so the only thing left to go was Snap and Scrap. I'm sure they'll live without me! : ) I did learn a lot from them and met some really great people. It was great!

Well, we're off to Disneyland this week. That is if the kids make it there alive! We're driving! I don't think it will be too bad though. We're breaking it up over 2 1/2 days with a stop at the Grand Canyon so hopefully we'll all make it there alive. I'll be taking my laptop with me and should be able to get internet access the whole time, but I'll probably only be online to do the Daily Download and check emails until we get back after the 29th. Wish us luck!!


Heather said...

Have a great time, Jeni! I love the Grand Canyon.

US said...

can you tell how loser-is-tic I am that I didnt' even see my own kid on your blog! Cute page! I'll have to "steal" it!! Hope you guys had fun!
ps...I finally downloaded elements and am on my 30 day I'll probably be calling shortly!