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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged several times now by different people!! I just keep putting it off because I am way too boring to do this!!! I'll try really hard to think of some stuff though:

1. I used to have a weenie dog named Winnie who was spoiled rotten and horribly mean to everyone except me. Then I had Maddie and she wasn't very nice to me anymore either! We had to give her away - to a nice old lady who could continue to spoil her.
2. I have more rubber stamps (mostly from Stampin' Up!) than any one person should be allowed to have. It's sad really - especially since I haven't touched them in a quite a while (too busy digiscrapping!)
3. I love music and play the flute. I started when I was in 4th grade and played it all the time up until we moved to Texas my junior year in high school. I tried band here for a week but it was way too much about the marching and not enough about the music. They wanted me to stand outside everyday for a week in AUGUST in TEXAS and march on the BLACKTOP of the high school parking lot. And that's all we did!!! So incredibly insane. Someone passed out from the heat everyday. Needless to say I quit after about 2 days of that insanity. Which brings me to number four. . .
4. I am not a "let's go outside" kind of person. I'd much rather be inside in the nice air conditioning where you don't have to be all yucky and sweaty.
5. I am the oldest of five children and pretty bossy. Just ask my siblings.
6. I am totally addicted to digi-scrapping, obviously. I originally started this blog for my crafty projects, hence the name "Crafty Blog." That was about a month before I got into digiscrapping, back when I did other actual craft projects (like stamping and stuff!)
7. I love to play Guitar Hero, which is something else I haven't done in quite a while because of digi!

Sheesh! That took forever! I'm not going to tag anyone by name, but if you haven't been tagged and want to play please do!! : )

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SassyPixie said...

See, you have lots of interesting facts!!! Thanks for playing! Love your new kit!!!