Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm so heartbroken - Brianne and I did not win ADSR. Ho hum. Just kidding!!! Like I ever thought we would actually win!! It was a totally random drawing and alas, we were not one of the names picked. There's always next time!!!

Here's a LO I finished for a challenge at Sweet Shoppe designs. I love this template! I used Rouge Noir - a new kit from Brianna Cox available and Snap and Scrap. I thought it was perfect for this horrible early 90's photo of Josh and I at my senior prom. Notice my HUGELY long red fingernails. What was I thinking?!!!

Good times. Bad, bad hair.


Crystal said...

What an awesome photo!! That must be so fun to say that you dated your husband in high school, and pictures to prove it too. Fun stuff

Sarah said...

So cute! I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping at least one of the 3 teams I knew would win!! But of course, I wasn't expecting to, it just would've been AWESOME!