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Monday, March 31, 2008

What exactly IS a crafty blog?

Aunt Wendy asked me this question last week after she had visited this site for the first time. "Are you in some kind of competition or something?" Needless to say she was very confused about all the ADSR LOs I've posted lately. I tried to explain to her that I started this blog before I got totally and hopelessly addicted to digiscrapping - ya know, back in the good ol' days when I was really crafty. Hence the name, Jeni's Crafty Blog. So in honor of my crafty past here is a regular old craft project - my swap for March's cardswap.

Speaking of cardswap, anyone out there in blog land want to join us? We are in desperate need of some more swappers to join our little group. I know most of my readers are already in our group, but a girl can hope that some very talented stranger in the Allen/Plano/McKinney/Frisco/Anna area will just stumble upon this blog and cry, "Eureka! Just what I have been looking for!" If this applies to you please contact me by leaving a comment with your email (which I will find quickly and remove after I've snagged it.)

Here are also some pics of ACTUAL paper scrapbook pages I took a little while ago. These are a few of my favorite pages.

I'm not totally sure of all the credits here but I know the vellum, brads, cardstock, and ink are from Stampin' Up! and the foam stamps are by Making Memories.

This page is one of my faves because the pictures are just so darn funny! I know, they're horrified and I'm laughing - what an evil mommy. But come on, are you telling me you didn't laugh at these too?! This was the time Maddie kept screaming, "I don't want to see Movis, I don't want to see Movis." Translation: Movis=Moses. I have no idea where she learned about Moses. I don't think we ever talked about him or showed her any pictures - she was still in Nursery for heaven's sake! Ryley couldn't say anything yet, he was barely one - if that, but I think it's clear he didn't want to see Movis either!

Everything here is from Stampin' Up!

This is another one of my faves because of the pictures. These pictures of Cash are HILARIOUS! He NEVER liked baby food and still doesn't care much for food in general. He is so picky it's insane. He seriously lives off of milk, peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, and the baby fruit snacks. Seriously - THAT'S ALL. Oh, and the occasional chicken nugget.

So I hope I can keep posting about some real crafty projects but I wouldn't count on it! ADSR is still going on - which reminds me. . . I'd better get crackin on #11!

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mel said...

Those Santa pics are hilarious!! Love that layout...we have some petrified Santa pics, too. And I just think they are the I'm an evil mommy with ya!