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Thursday, March 13, 2008

ADSR3 #5

This one was stinkin' hard!!!! We had to interview an inanimate object. Puh-lease!!! I HATE layouts like this. I really thought I'd never even be able to use this LO in a scrapbook because it would be so stupid and a waste of time, but I was totally wrong. I actually really like it now. I've wanted to document the kids' diapeys for a while and this challenge gave me the chance. It just took forever for me to realize it! I plan on doing a page for each of the kids and their respective diapeys, but this is the only one so far. Those will probably have to wait until ADSR is over! Here it is:

Everything is from "Playdate with Jack" by Kelly Thompson. You can find her stuff here.

BTW, I uploaded some of my pages to to get printed yesterday. I looked around for a while at the different options for printing and decided to do some single pages. I just don't trust my kiddos with a book of paper pages. I've seen too many of their other books ripped and wrinkled and torn. I worked hard on these pages and I'm afraid I'd never let them touch them if I did it that way and that would defeat the whole purpose! So this place sent me some samples of their paper and I think they're prices were pretty good. I actually think Costco would be cheaper but I don't have a membership there. It's not that much of a difference though, plus I don't have to pack up my children and go to Costco with them to get the pages. They'll be delivered to my door! That is worth just about any amount of money! ;) I'll let you know how they turn out. I'm also looking at some wide format printers and papers to see if buying one would be more cost effective in the long run. I'll keep you updated.


brianne said...

This IS a hard one, but you did a great job! I'm still trying to come up with something - probably not a keeper page like yours. Oh well.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I didn't like this challenge and I don't really like how my page turned out, but yours is super cute!

As far as printing goes... have you thought about doing 8x8? I assume you have been paper scrapping 12x12 and likely want everything to be the same, but that's just a thought for you! Then you wouldn't need a wide format printer!

Jeni Hopewell said...

That's a really good point Sarah. I do want to keep everything the same so that the new pages can fit in the books the kids already have, but 8x8 would be a lot cheaper. I'll have to wait and see how I like these pages I'm having printed. I may end up moving to a smaller version anyway since when I'm scrapping I see it as a much smaller version. I'm afraid the pages are going to look weird to me at the full 12x12! Oh well, wait and see.

Zippy said...

This page is great! I love your journaling style on it. Very unique.